Voice of depression


I will crawl all over your head, making you sick of thinking your flaws.

I will make you silent in the crowd of thousands…

The body you have won’t be yours anymore, i will take all over it and make it feel heavy for you.

For you to understand what a brain does to your body when you let me out!

Making you stare at a thing for hours, thinking of all the mistakes you have done.

Without a blink , silently through your eyes, i will scream out loud like ghost in a house.

Making you the person you never wanted to be, leaving you the scar of mistakes you did.

You can hear nothing but only the heart beats of yours, screaming for help nothing but a helping hand of yours.

But kill me, for the sake of your life.

I have a “weakness”, weakness of people who “cares” for you.

–YOURS DEPRESSION, asking you to kill me for your sake of life.

Because its beautiful, beyond my existence.


48 thoughts on “Voice of depression”

  1. Very Nice. Do you want to know what helps my depression…. A non synthetic vitamin named NIACIN. non flush. I take a lot every day. Also watching comedy skits on youtube. Staring into other’s online, beautiful scenery photos. 💕

      1. thank~you I am fighting them non stop. Trying to pick up more attention to his tragic position. I must tell you that this sort of horror, is much more common that we know. Those that get suckerpunched the most, are middle-class to poorest.

        I also think that when regular citizens put down those that are considered weak as in homeless, mentally ill, have addictions, low IQ, disorders, little to no family… etc

        IMO Degrading fellow humans gives green light to injustice system to mass incarceration.

  2. There’s nothing worse than hearing that voice telling you you’ve blown it, you’re a failure, you’re hopeless, etc. The Bible calls that voice “the accuser.” (the devil)
    But there is another voice telling you you’ve blown it, but He draws you to Himself for loving correction and healing.
    Two very different sources, but there is a way to tell the difference:
    The voice of the enemy of your soul will only condemn and tell you it’s hopeless.
    The voice of the Lover of your soul will give you the way out. And in the end there is joy! <3

  3. This is so well written. Describes depression to a “T” I am a new blogger, would love for you to read my blog, “depression through my eyes” and follow me. I read several of your blogs,your writings are written beautifully. Look forward to reading more.

    1. I don’t see my post before this one I guess I didn’t send it. Your blog is written nicely. It describes depression so well. I’m a new blogger and.would love for you to read my first blog “what depression looked like through my eyes” and follow me. You write beautifully and I look forward to reading more!

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