i dont care anymore

I don’t care anymore!

I still talk to many people, i still make more new friends, i still hang out with them at nights.

I still love hot coffee, at night.

I still laugh in public so hard that it drives their attention to me.

I still wear that mens watch, i still stare at the things i like.

I still roam in a mall, window shopping my half day.

I still hold the cup by both hands.

I still sleep at night under a blanket at summers.

I still talk to my bestfriends at 2am.

I still have the same hairstyle.

I still love wearing shoes…

“And i still don’t care about the things you wanted about me to change, because i dont care anymore!”

Things never changed for me earlier and neither will, while you gone.

Only the thing that is changed is the more love for myself..

So, i don’t care what you might think, i don’t care about your suggestions anymore, i don’t care about what you think of me, and my behaviour.

I don’t care anymore, because while i was caring for you, you chose to lecture me about how to behave like a girl!

15 thoughts on “I don’t care anymore!”

  1. On very first glance I read your blog title as We don’t talk anymore as it still plays in my mind and the lyrics still roam in my heart, but as further I go into your post I just realize that we forget ourselves for the happiness of others and what we get in exchange, a betrayal love, that’s all? No we are not for that, πŸ˜„ Really day after day I becoming fan of yours!!πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

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