a charming day

A Charming day

Hello to the world

Lovely morning, text from you, worth the morning!

Hopes to see, that day to meet.

The omelette that day, didn’t taste like usual, but more of the taste i can still remember!

Coffee being too sweet, wind being too calm.

Long that day it seemed, eager to greet.

Noticed my pimple that showed up, regretting the spicy junky food, why on the earth did i choose that!

Nothing more confused me, than having a dress on, that indicates me!

“Flowery” too girly, “crop top” too funky, “blue jeans” too ordinary, i totally had became too picky!

Walking to the door to open, a deep breath taken.

Hiding my stunned look, to not make it seem too creepy, calmed by the situation. The day took off too soon.

Waking up too late, wondering the guy i met in dream!

A dream, weird in its own way, i wondered when will it come next.

That day i smiled, wondering about, the fairy tale i just saw.

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