Silence, shush!

It is all calmed now!

A silence felt just before a storm now.

I could probably wait and watch for it to arrive, for me to survive!

I know my hands are tightened and legs are frightened!

All you can do is wait and watch, just like before when are going to caught up , you pray for miracle to happen soon!

Not a crime is done here, neither is anything broken here!

Its the good things i can feel now, still a feeling of that silence is right besides my face now!

The silence before a storm, storm of your future with your past on it, for it to just die before!

14 thoughts on “Silence, shush!”

  1. Strange, my friend, I also have the feeling like the calm before the storm – is as to see already dark clouds the horizon forming to a thunderstorm. Let us hope we are mistaken…

    Thanks for sharing and all the best, dear friend 🙂

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