I was excited to meet new people, friends, new classrooms….

More than that, i was too excited to show them my new pencil box, bags, and my new ironed uniform that i would wear on my first day of school.

Leaving my all old friends and the place behind, i was ready to breath a fresh new air in a new place.

Excited but worried, if they would accept me, if i am not weird to them, weird in my behaviour or my name.

I was in a fear, but i didn’t think much about it, i was ready to build my new identity, my new me version! infront of them.

I imagined myself being a jolly, happy person who could make anyone laugh and make them stay with me, i wanted to build that personality.

Lots of thoughts, new experiment it felt like!

I was standing infront of the door of my new class, ready to meet fresh new faces.

I introduced myself, which i wasn’t ready for, i stumbled, i stammered! But continued even if i could hear my heart beats more than my words.

The first friend of mine, the first bench i sat on, the first class we had, and the fresh smell of the rain that came that time, it reminds me all the time when the first rain arrives!

Eager to tell everything that happened at my home, pedalling my cycle, hearing its sound, wearing that new rain coat on my way home, i still remember the first rain, what it felt like.

“I know we all still remember that day!”

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