How strange is, that we chase someone we want, and are chased by someone we choose to avoid….

Strange isn’t it?

Lots of reasons to do so though..

I wonder why this happens…

Why are we always behind something, which is difficult to achieve?

Then i thought,and thought… i wasnt surprised to know, this process begins from our childhood itself.

A toy we want, a toy of dream it could be anything, a toy house, car, building a set etc….

But have we all noticed, we only loved the expensive ones…

Because it has the quality, the shine, the thing in it, that any normal couldn’t.

But that too depends on person to person, the toy of my dream, for someone must be cheap and old and vice versa…

Then what happens, we either dont get that toy, or even if we get, after having it, playing with it, it just feels like the normal one and lose the interest.

Its like we take that toy for granted, because all the energy we spent on, was how can i get it, we were not ready about what happens after we finally get it..still we kept running..

Now, i guess most of them must be relating it to so many things…

A human nature, i finally figured, we chase something out of our league or which seems difficult to conquer, but not everyone could take care after that achieving it.

Because we were too busy to win that prize, we never imagined to handle it.

People rush, and focus on acheiving most of the most, but many couldn’t take it after a time…

We need to be prepared for that, everytime, anytime.

Chasing our dream is ok, chasing our loved ones is ok, chasing is ok (something good), but what happens next? Could you handle the success, could you manage your relations, could be be yourself?

19 thoughts on “Chase…”

  1. Really cool….It is true that how much we think about the dream we want but forget to think what if we do acheive it…Part of me also thinks that this is because somewhere inside we think that we will never acheive the dream….so why think about what we’ll do after we do get it…

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