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In today’s life, dogs are seen as a friend, best friend, people share so much of emotions and gets attached!

In early centuries the only perceptions towards a dog, was a protector, a guard!

No one could have thought then, that this animal could be a life savior not only physically, but ‘mentally’.

A study, could have been a joke if anyone would come up with a thing called “Dog have emotions” in the early centuries.

May be when we humans were a stone age person, we were getting use to them, with their presence where humans thought this could a part of human species, could be an animal to live with us.

Protecting and supporting are the things that a dog could fulfill with full efforts.

Today, we see them in a very different way, people are getting so attached with them, that they could choose a dog over a human being!

Loyalty, was already inbuilt in dogs, which we love a lot in them.

A protector, a friend, loyal , a supporter who would not choose to pet a dog?

Dogs are still under a study, people are eager to find about their emotions, MRI which has came up these days finding their state of emotion under MRI.

They show many emotions, they are something that can do anything for their owner.

So, trust me, dogs are the new dudes, the animal that could give love and show love abundantly, that you couldn’t ever imagine.

Dogs have been always an interesting animal for me and so for many of us, we could feel them now from their eyes too.

I will always go for a friend who is a dog lover, i don’t know why, but i love to be part of something that i admire and the same person feels that too.

I am always eager to know more about dogs, their behavior and would love to know, what more abilities they have.

There’s one thing i would like to tell, we train a dog to be disciplined, but we are learning from them too, to be caring!

From all the moments, the best carved memory is a pet, who grows with you, that is when you know how to be a human, without any expectations

Dogs, are being dogs, but are we being human, these days?

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