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Its not just a word, with it comes the most vulnerable feelings along with tremendous excessive pressure of negative feelings dominating brains.

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I couldn’t help it, but to write as some news shocked me!

First of all, its easy to judge someone in many ways, right from the clothes they wear from the likes and dislikes they have.

A person couldn’t bear the talks of themselves especially the worst one

Some people fight their best to keep others mouth shut, some don’t have that guts.

Rather these people are called as “weak minds” which i do not agree, they are most sensible and over thinkers around.

Still, i am here talking about such things, because it is indeed easy to write than to explain people around, not something i am proud of!

A person is already going through a lot, but then who cares, we are here to judge them off.

Its not something we could control but at least we could show some humanity, not because society asks us but because that Is what we are!

green, face, light

Living a peaceful life is still a dream for many people suffering daily, on the basis of their thoughts, clothes and every possible things that could make them realize that their life has no worth.

The feeling of a loser, a sufferer, an overthinker, a sensible person is something we could never realize until they don’t prove to a society.

Many such people couldn’t handle the pressure, many chose to live but with a cost of hatred in mind for everyone and blaming the society at worse.

Some might think for once if they could at least find a way to stop all those voice at once, the only choice “They think” is suicide, not something i could support in any way.

Well, to everyone who suffers daily, we are humans and truly said “the survival of the fittest”, but never wonder why we made things where we try to “only”survive, because thats something animals do, and not us.

We are an animal too, we have brains that Is what makes us different, also what made less of humans too at a time.

Well said by someone we are not the owner of this earth we live in, we are a participant where our species will exist or may not! Many species lives and dies and relive life, but here we stand thinking of us being the greatest of all.

Making us all less human day by day…

But my friend it is life after all, fight in a battle not in silence because it hurts every now and then to hear how cruel can a human be, making us realize of someone only when they are gone!

Living is painful, but more worth it could be, to bear, not covering on reality of todays world but just a hope of light that could make a darker room a little light!

Can’t bring those innocent souls back, couldn’t think what they must have gone through, looking back.

I wonder what their close people must have felt, i still fear to face the reality they must have gone by.

I could only wonder and feel the pain, still i could do a lot for to take a step, its simple than i ever thought “STOP JUDGING PEOPLE” that Is what i have come up till, still there is a lot.

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