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A charming hug

personal, human, children

Feeling the warmth, the breath that i felt on my neck

The hugs that are so magical feels like a medicine or some cure of sorriness,

You could feel heart beats not only yours, but theirs beating so calmly too,

Making it so mesmerizing, you wish if the world could only work on hugs;

Only if it gives such moment of peace, why is it, that the hugs been replaced these days,

The only moment where you could only think of your present with grace

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The only thing, where you could embrace the joy and still not make noice.

The thing that has no name where, two heart listens each other, different rhythm though, but managing to make and keep it so melodious at a time, so clean and cheerful!

How is it, that someone we hug, we transfer such tremendous feelings straight through it, without a word we already know the same feelings..

You know, that there is a second place of silence, the first one still being the lap, that the two people could hear nothing but the breeze they feel and the peace they having could spread such beautiful charismatic feeling around.

Of course it is something that anyone could get jealous of, the hugs, because it is something that you could feel even when the words couldn’t make it through heart.

Relentless of time, that time itself stopping by to charm the hearts, not a thing in this world could beat this old-fashioned thing called “A hug”

Endeavor it, before the time is done with you, because neither can you replace the feeling, nor can you change the time!

-by me

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