Flow of love

Flowing and rushing, searching the new paths some small, some wide and big.

Unaware of where it will stop, it flush, flow, roll, gush, leaving some drips and drops of it behind.

Behind, to the place where it halt at some places before..

The water streaming, chip and chap, still could be heard, even losing its every part still it glows and flows..

No complain, no regrets, the only destination is not the matter.

But what part of it reaches in the end,while it flows…

Every drops of it, that have lost, gave some life, and went to save some lives

Again, it was just as new and clear as new life.

Just so when it was to convert into mist, clouds drizzled, it now couldn’t lose all.

Some lives lived in it, and some ended in it..

Still flowing, here and there it gushes

Not be forgotten, even if it slowed the flow in sorrow, always it is been compensated by its tempo…

On this part to that, it denied to stop!

Until that one shiny day, with joy and happiness, it kissed the sea…

The sea waiting for it, welcomed it with a huge giant hugs of waves and waves, whipered some sound, and took it, into heaven of love.

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