I could still remember that day, freshly engraved in my brain! It was late, around 10 pm, i was on my way back to home by cycle from my late class. It was winters, i was fully covered in sweatshirt, my woolen gloves on, and my face covered. My earphones on, still remember the song …

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It’s the same night again, i know this feeling, this feeling is too friendly, but the feeling that’s unwanted. Again the feeling of broken! Again the hearts heavy, once again i couldn’t handle things. I am strong! The wound is same, i can feel my hearts ready to burst. And i am just so used …

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Not less than a weapon. We all are very aware and have experienced the word ” anger “. It sometimes call for a war, lives of thousands of people, because anger doesn’t works alone! It need hatred, selfishness, and ego with it. Enough to make a cold war. Anger of dissapointment, anger of selfishness, anger …

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